The poorest girls in India struggle to gain even a basic education. At Cornerstone, we don’t feel like it should be that way. That is why we have partnered with an organization in India that is diligently working to provide a comprehensive education and the hope of Jesus to marginalized girls.

This year, we have committed to celebrating and supporting the girls impacted in India. All proceeds raised in our India Project will go toward education initiatives at our partner organization in 2019. God has blessed this ministry and these girls – they are experiencing incredible success.

Be a champion in their lives and give today.

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            Give :: Together we can help our partner meet needs and share Jesus by donating. Your gift changes an eternity.  When giving online, be certain to select “The India Project” from the dropdown.

            Experience our Installation :: At the Chandler campus, we have built a model of a typical Indian classroom, complete with textbooks and stories from girls in India.

            Pray :: Remember to pray for the people of India and for provision and safety for our partner organization, so they can continue to be great! Today, christians in India are facing severe persecution. We know every prayer has an impact, and every Indian christian covets your prayers! 

Cornerstone has a longstanding partnership with our partner, a non-profit Christian organization with the mission to being a part of the Great Commission to every village in India. Having heard the cries of the poorest among them, they are bringing aid, tangible change, and the incredible love of Jesus to the people.

Not only are they utilizing their Mercy Ministry to feed the hungry, offer refuge to the elderly, bring medical care to lepers, and HIV hospice to the ailing, but also are digging freshwater wells for villages that have none, building schooling centers for girls who would be destitute without an education, giving orphans homes, and rescuing women from a life lost in the unregulated sex trade; doing all this while battling oppression from the predominantly Hindu population. Spreading the word of God is often met with hostility and condemnation in India. That is why they have developed a team of over 600 leaders who are building churches, holding Sunday services, and working tirelessly to share the hope of the one true God.

In order to continue their mission, they need our help! Cornerstone is coming alongside our partner, and committed to raising $100,000 to help their cause. Your donation helps us reach our calling to spread the gospel across the nations while meeting the real needs of the most vulnerable among us. Thank you!