Blood Drive

As part of the Relationship Vampires series we thought, “what better time to run a blood drive than now!?” We’re hosting a blood drive at the Chandler campus on Saturday, 9/14 from 9 am – 1:30 pm and Sunday, 9/15 from 7:30 – 11:30 am.  Sign up below to claim your session time.

Sign Up […]

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56 Make Memories

Make Memories

We are all busy – parents and preteen especially!  Find some time to just be together.
Here are some ideas that they WILL remember and so will you!

Movie Night

Sometimes it is just about being together and not talking. Find a movie you can both attend, sit side by side, eat […]

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56 Parent Resource Articles

Our Favorite Parenting Articles

We want to parter with you during your student’s pre-teen years.
Please check out the great articles below for quick and easy information you can use.

The Myth of the Perfect Parent
by Leslie Leyland Fields

Why the best parenting techniques don’t produce Christian children. […]

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56 Parent Books Just for You

Books Just For You

Being a parent is hard.  Sometimes you need something just for you.
Here are some resources we think you will enjoy.


How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart

Understanding the Bible isn’t for […]

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56 Parent Resource Books

Best Books on Parenting

Sometimes getting the information you need takes more time.
Check below for books that can help you navigate this time with your student.


Parental Guidance Required  by Andy Stanley & Reggie Joyner

As parents, we need to do everything we can to […]

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56 Parent Resource Websites

Parent Resources – Websites

We want to parter with you during your students pre-teen years.
Please check out the websites below for great articles and information you can use.

Christianity Today on Parenting

Christian couples are unanimous that children are to be raised in the “fear and wisdom of the Lord.” […]

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Asian Community

Sesame Seed is a community for Asians to connect and build strong friendships.  We focus on providing encouragement and support in the practical applications of God’s Word within a cultural context.  This group is lead by three families who have navigated life as an Asian-American and a Christian. They each have a heart to talk about […]

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Guest Speaker: How to Fail Like A Christian

Failure is inevitable, yet many of us are increasingly unprepared for it.

Consequently, what ought to lead to no more than disappointment often leads to unremitting turmoil and despair. Join guest speaker Cameron McAllister from the Ravi Zacharias International Ministry team and discover […]


Sermon Discussion Guide

Sermon discussion guides are a great way to spark discussion around each week’s message. They will help you remember key points, discover next steps or provide practical ways to use each message in your everyday life. Click on a series name to find each week’s guide.

*Remember the discussion guide is a […]

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