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We want to parter with you during your students pre-teen years.
Please check out the websites below for great articles and information you can use.

Christianity Today on Parenting

Christian couples are unanimous that children are to be raised in the “fear and wisdom of the Lord.” But principles for how best to do that has divided evangelicals, who lack a central authority on spanking, attachment parenting, and entertainment choices, to name but a few hot-button issues. In the post–James Dobson era, when writer-gurus, religious and otherwise, offer quick-fix guidelines on raising kids amid technology saturation and divided families, Christians are learning to extend grace to fellow believers who parent differently.


Let’s Parent On Purpose is a weekly podcast designed to:

  1. Enrich your marriage

  2. Sharpen your parenting skills

  3. Deepen your walk with Jesus

Each week you can expect a drive-time podcast that gives you an insight or interview to equip and encourage you.  Host Jay Holland adds 20+ years of student & family ministry experience to help you build a family that lives with purpose, meaning, and mission.

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